Welcome to EVEHX. We are a dynamic and innovative company that has been offering advanced prestressing solutions for over 18 years and shoring for all types of works. Our strategic vision has made us pioneers in the application of non-adherent prestressing in southern Brazil. Located in Araucária, metropolitan region of Curitiba, EVEHX has a headquarters with more than 1,500 m², where it houses the training center for prestressing and shoring, the center for cutting, rolling and classifying strings and also the center for the manufacture of equipment for prestressing and shoring.

The Rebouças Innovation and Acceleration Campus (CRIA) is a campus designed for professionals and students. A wide space, with a complete structure where people will have total freedom to work, interact, relax, participate in lectures and workshops and, above all, make a difference.

With an area of ​​16,000 square meters, the objective is to articulate the development of entrepreneurs specialized in smart cities, sustainable buildings and renewable energies.

We are a consulting and training company specializing in strategic management methods, productivity, quality and innovation. Our main goal is to improve the performance of organizations through a differentiated value proposition:

• Transfer of management technologies, not generating dependency and contributing to the permanence of our customers;

• Genuine commitment to positive results;

• Encouraging the construction of innovative environments.

With the evaluation of more than 100 projects developed, totaling approximately 1,000,000 m², we observed that the true ABC curve involves labor, concrete and steel. Therefore, OPTIMA developed a new approach to the construction process in order to obtain the best structural system for each case.